Grow your Brand and Make Sales with Instagram

With more and more customers using mobile devices before making purchasing decisions, it’s becoming essential that you have an Instagram strategy for your business. More followers equals more business, or at least an increase in brand awareness. But sometimes it’s not as easy as uploading a daily photo and crossing your fingers. Successful business Instagrams flourish by conducting research, making educated posting choices, and following concrete Instagram strategies. Think of your Instagram as a billboard – do you want your billboard on a highway or a dead end street? Use these strategies to push your brand to more people, grow your brand awareness and most importantly of all make sales.

Step 1: Determine Your Audience

The audience you’re targeting with your business Instagram strategies may or may not be the same as your website. Making this differentiation might mean changing your current content strategy. For example, if your website is built to target womens fitness, you can still generate a buzz by posting workout tips, and diet plans that appeal to a wider audience. 

You’ll need to understand the Instagram audience as a whole, and then separate your individual audience based on which demographic is most likely to be interested. Pitching your idea or product to the wrong crowd won’t generate site traffic or increase conversions, but spreading your profile through the right audience can do both of those and more.

Step 2: Understand what makes Instagram different 

Instagram is based around taking photos and instantly sharing them with friends. This opens the floor for a more relaxed, spontaneous atmosphere in which consumers are mainly looking for a business to entertain them or make them happy, not push sales or talk numbers. For business owners, this means channeling your Instagram strategies toward objectives such as:

  • Connecting with customers by posting relevant photos
  • Interacting with customers through likes and comments
  • Thanking supporters and current customers
  • Showcasing your staff
  • Sharing exciting company news
  • Showing you care about your community
  • Sharing content that resonates with your community – e.g. a yoga page sharing inspirational quotes.
  • Creating a personality for your business that customers can love

Unlike a company website, your Instagram isn’t the place to constantly talk about yourself – it’s a space dedicated to the customer, and what you can do for them. If you’re not putting the customer first, they will be quick to unfollow your company or stop engaging with the brand.

The most important difference between Instagram and other social media sites is that it’s based purely on photos, with no opportunity to post long blurbs or update your status. This means your company needs to become experts at using hashtags and coming up with interesting and engaging captions. There are hashtag analytics that come into play here, but if you don’t understand what you’re looking at, you’d do best to enlist the help of an expert.

To see what hashtags relate to you, simply go to the explore page on Instagram, click ‘tags’ at the top and search a keyword, and you’ll see popular tags with that keyword.

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Step 3: Find out what your competitors are doing

Find your competitors through Google and find out how often they publish images, what they post and what kind of engagement they get. You can use this info to refine your own strategies. What works for someone else in the same niche is likely to work just as well for you. This helps you keep on top of trends in your market and keeps your brand at the forefront in terms of Instagram content. Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all. 

Step 4: Convert your audience

Once you have a following of active, engaged users, you can start trying to convert those followers into customers. As we’ve mentioned above, your Instagram should never be used as a ‘sell sell sell’ platform, but specifically targeted, high value content can be extremely effective at generating website hits and ultimately sales.

Run competitions for your users – like + tag a friend for a chance at a free product/service/shoutout/anything really. This is a great way to give back to your followers while also increasing your reach – however, ALWAYS follow through, and make sure you post about it! Your followers will love to see you actively giving back, and those who didn’t enter will see you’re serious and be more likely to enter next time.

Create Instagram only discounts – a $5 off your first purchase code thats in your bio, a custom link that offers something extra for people who visit your site from Instagram. You can track how you go if you have an Instagram business account, go into your analytics and watch your website clicks go up! If you don’t we highly recommend converting, as long as you have a Facebook page for your brand its super easy to change just click ‘switch to business account’ in your Instagram settings.

Step 5: Get an unfair advantage

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking they magically acquired a large Instagram following overnight – behind every successful Insta is a clever business with a few tricks up its sleeve. With over 1 million followers gained in the last year, Socialhype has become pretty good at growth-hacking Instagram accounts. Try our Premium Platform free for a week with the code ‘unfair’ at checkout.

Happy Gramming,

The Socialhype Team

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